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Free Flight Scale is dedicated to promote the building and flying of outdoor scale free flight model aeroplanes for both the sport flyer and the dedicated competition enthusiast in the U.K.

Thanks must go to all those persons that have sent me photographs and text etc. for this site.

Latest news in Free Flight Scale

Handley Page 0/7 conversion to diesel engines

Games for wet weather flying

Try this website to check for the wind and weather.

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Latest model is my Sopwith Cuckoo Click on  picture to see updates on the build

Premier Lion

Yes I Know, it's not scale. See link for details

My DH10 finished at last


Handley Page 0/7 Nationals 2005
Photo Tony Dowdeswell                 
Handley Page 0/7 on its winning flight in Co2/Electric class at the B.M.F.A. 2005 National Championships.

Superscale Trophy
The Superscale Trophy with Martinsyde Elephant 1998.

The aim of this site to promote outdoor Free Flight Scale competitions, rallies and fun days. For example the National Championships and the Eddie Riding Memorial Trophy as well as the more informal competitions, rallies and meetings around the U.K.
If you have a Free Flight Scale event you would like to advertise please e-mail me with the full details and I will include it on the
Diary Dates page.

My hobby keeps me occupied and out of the Pub as most of  my spare time is spent studiously designing, drawing and building these models for months sometimes years. It is at this juncture that my sobriety, common sense and reason leaves me and I take on a Jekyll and Hyde persona. I find that I have little control over an irresistible urge to launch the model into the big blue yonder without any sort of control. 
Methinks I'm not firing on all four cylinders all the time. 
The culmination of all this activity provides an intoxicating cocktail of excitement, terror and adrenaline. 
When you combine all this together and add the elation of success it is the best legal "fix" you can get.   

Lastly, to quote a certain leading exponent of the craft, this is probably the only discipline in aeromodelling that thrives on "sarcasm and banter". So please excuse the humour, intentional and otherwise, herein contained as I don't want to get too serious or anoraky. After all, we are trying to enjoy ourselves, aren't we???

Mike Smith

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